Getting to know Pu'er
What is Pu’er? It is made from sun-dried raw materials of broad leaf species from Yunnan, China, that has undergone an exacting production process. Classified into raw (non-fermented) or ripe (fermented) tea, it is power packed with complex flavours. Pu’er has abundant amounts of antioxidants and aids in weight loss. Like that apple a day which keeps the doctor away, a cup of Pu’er tea helps lower the big C - cholesterol while also aiding digestion.
Under Pressure
Pu’er comes in two forms- loose tea leaves or compressed into various shapes. Traditionally, Pu’er was exported from Yunnan on horses along the Old Tea Horse Road. The tea leaves were compressed to save space for ease of transportation.
TEASPEC is not a tea merchant. We are avid collectors and advocates of Pu’er tea. Our teas are aged in Malaysia because it is widely acknowledged that Malaysian aged Pu’er is more sought after over Pu’er stored in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan or elsewhere. This tea has matured like a much older vintage because it has been aged in Malaysia under the most ideal natural environment.